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American Ginseng


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Ginseng - American Ginseng

Ginseng - American Ginseng Ginseng - American Ginseng Ginseng - American Ginseng Ginseng - American Ginseng


is proud to announce its expansion into the export of US agricultural products to China, Ireland, western europe and asia.  We now deal direct with Wisconsin farmers and the Wisconsin Co-op to help continue to distribute the finest ginseng in the world to the US, Asian and European market.  We supply retail products produced and marketed by private owned farms, and also bulk roots in large, medium and small sizes.  We also are proud to announce that we now provide an astounding ginseng tea produced here in the USA. 

With our trade agreements with US partners we are able to provide any quantity of bulk unsorted USDA ginseng FOB Wausau, Wisconsin to almost anywhere in the world!!  For Ginseng products please visit

NWI Trading Company
is located in Wanatah Indiana, USA,  and works direct as a US distributor of Frankincense resin such as Boswellia Frereana, Boswellia Carterii and Myrrh from Somalia.  Through NWITCO's trade agreement with land owners in Somalia.  We are able to guarantee products that produce consistent results to serve all your production needs.  We also work Direct with Oman as an importer and exporter of Boswellia Sacra. 

All of our frankincense and myrrh products are 100% Organic, and directly imported from the Middle East.   NWI Trading Co. through its established distribution agreements is able to supply any amount of Frankincense and Myrrh resin, both retail, wholesale and bulk  to anywhere in the world.   Our motto is quality plus honesty equals good business.  We look forward to providing you high quality products, and will do our best to give you the greatest customer service we can!  For Frankincense products please visit

We are always looking for great, high quality products that are difficult to find.  We want to provide unique and eclectic products.  Examples would be our hand made agate arrowhead pendants.  Each is hand made in a process called knapping, and are fully functional arrowheads created in agate selected for its color and beauty.  We have also designed our own pendants, and had them custom made out of organic bone material.  Bone is ancient in its use for jewelry, and the finished look of our bone crosses is stunning.  We will be adding more products and are able to even try to find unique items you are looking for.  We have assisted other business in finding unique products that suit their business and marketing needs.  As long as you willing to deal with honesty and quality, then you will love working with NWI Trading Company  For pictures of our arrowhead necklaces and custom bone crosses, please visit



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